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The Islamic Humane Society for Animals
The Islamic Humane Society for Animals
I strictly oppose the needless euthanasia of any creature with a heart fresh with life.
The Prophet (pbuh) said; "There is reward for every act committed against every creature with a heart fresh with life."


This is a PLEA to all Muslim Leaders, Kings, Princes and Presidents of Islamic countries.
Although animal cruelty can be witnessed in every country, horrific animal abuse can be seen in Islamic countries.
This is completely ALIEN to the teachings of Islam.
What is wrong with the Leaders of these countries to allow such animal abuse?
What is the point in preaching Islam if the very basics of human kindness cannot be extended to animals whose rights are clearly defined in the Quran?
Cruelty to animals is crossing the species barrier into cruelty to your very own people.  Muslims fighting Muslims in the religion of peace, mercy and compassion?

Wake Up!    Wake Up!    Wake Up!

All creatures are Ullah’s children and Ullah loves best those who treat their children well.
All these images were taken in Islamic countries.  Is this treating your children well?  All creatures have souls and feel emotions.   They are knowing, feeling, conscious and aware.
It is an absolute sin for Muslim Leaders to allow such abuse in the name of Islam but Ullah is watching.    Remember that when you pray.  How long can you ask for forgiveness for such brutality?
What you reveal is not what you conceal but Ullah sees all in the darkest chambers of your hearts.      Practice what you preach.    Do not set an animal up as a target for your need to eat the flesh of living, breathing, sentient creatures.    Treat them with dignity and compassion in the conditions which they were meant to live in, with the food they were meant to eat.   Give them a peaceful life and a painless death.
Evil prevails because good people do nothing.  Not only people are victims of war.
We cannot sanitise cruelty.   We cannot hide cruelty.  It has to be revealed and not concealed.
I too am dismayed at the unwillingness of Muslims to reconsider their religious obligations towards animals.  They pay more attention to what a woman is wearing rather than the horrendous abuse they inflict on animals.
Look at the suffering of the beautiful creature below.   I would never call a Muslim man my “brother” who treats an animal in such a savage way.

Islam's forgotten animal welfare tradition

Photo: Few are aware that Islam sets a detailed and rigid set of rules regarding animal handling. (Animals Australia)
It is impossible to reconcile the abhorrent images of exported livestock being abused in Gaza with the concept of halal slaughter as proscribed in the Qur'an, writes Ruby Hamad.
It resembled nothing so much as the Running of the Bulls. Large, terrified animals bucking as excited youths shouted in a showdown between "man" and "beast". But this time the tradition was taking place not in the name of sport, but of religion, as yet another egregious example of animal abuse in the live export trade was uncovered by Animals Australia (AA).
This time it was Gaza during Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice), where heartbreaking images included steers shot in the kneecaps, kicked, stabbed in the eye, and having their throats repeatedly hacked with blunt knives.
But before cultural superiority has us crowing about "those" countries abusing "our" cattle, Australians must acknowledge that those animals suffered immensely long before they arrived in Gaza.
AA, for all the good work they do, is often guilty of glossing over the abuses suffered by animals on the cargo ships in favour of the graphic images of their slaughter upon destination. As Australians, we need to examine our own relationship to animals and the role we play in exporting cruelty to the world.
But as someone who was raised to believe in a compassionate Islam, I am also dismayed at the unwillingness of Muslims to reconsider their religious obligations towards animals. That the people of Gaza are also subject to daily trauma in what the UN has described as a "humanitarian crisis" probably has much to reveal about the cyclical nature of violence.
Nonetheless, it is impossible to reconcile the images coming out of Gaza - and indeed, all the live export destinations - with the concept of halal slaughter as proscribed in the Qur'an.
While the Qur'an is neutral on the subject of meat eating, in that it neither encourages nor forbids it, it is anything but silent on how animals are to be treated.

This donkey left starving, emaciated, dehydrated and left to die beside the road in Egypt whilst people drive by.

This donkey broke his leg and was forced to work until its owner could make it to the walk in clinic. It was so tired that it just dropped to the ground and stayed there. This also in Egypt.   Shame on the Muslim Leaders.

This beautiful gentle creature with an injured neck – again in Egypt.
There is not a creature that crawls on this earth or flies on its wings, but they are communities like you.    Each creature knows its own way of prayer and praise and Ullah knows well all that they do.

It is totally haram (forbidden) in Islam to treat animals in such a way.   It is a violation under Islamic Shariah Law to slaughter one animal in front of another.   Islam is very strict on this.  Animals awaiting slaughter should not be exposed  to images of animals being slaughtered before them.   Why make them die two deaths?

Muslims eating the meat of any animal subjected to such brutality and fear is tantamount to eating sacrilegious meat which is haram to eat.

“He who disavows, the burden of disavowal will be on him”.

These men are Muslim in name only.   They are not practicing Muslims as a practicing Muslim would not behave in such a sacrilegious manner.   The meat from this animal is sacrilegious which means haram or forbidden to eat.

How can any human being subject an animal to such abuse in transit?

I encourage more Muslims to become Veterinary Surgeons as these are desperately needed