Peace and Blessings Upon You
The Islamic Humane Society for Animals
The Islamic Humane Society for Animals
I strictly oppose the needless euthanasia of any creature with a heart fresh with life.
"Verily, Ullah is mild and is fond of the mild and he gives to the mild what he does not give to the harsh." (Muslim)

My Promise

That not one penny will be frittered.

What some Muslims say to me: “But Yvonne, Muslims are suffering”. My answer is always the same: “We cannot allow the fact that Muslims are suffering to justify the neglect and abandonment of animals rights in Islam”.  Human suffering is often instigated by human action, in-action or greed and other reasons too, but animals have no choice.   They have to be on the Agenda.

Cat is beaten in a sack while this one watches, knowing he is next. To the Chinese torture is part of the killing, they say that torture brings out better flavour.
Hog-tied Dog
Here is an actual photo of a dog being hog-tied so it can be beaten to death to bring out the "flavour" of the meat. It is also a delightful spectator sport since people at the market gather around with smiles and giggles delighting in the torture of the victim.