Peace and Blessings Upon You
The Islamic Humane Society for Animals
The Islamic Humane Society for Animals
I strictly oppose the needless euthanasia of any creature with a heart fresh with life.
"Ullah is gentle and loves gentleness in all things" (Bukhari and Muslim)

My Prayer

That every animal is free from cruel hands.
That no animal is made to carry burdens that are too heavy for it.
That no animal is forced to fight for entertainment or profit.
That no animal is beaten, whipped, shackled, hobbled, caged or chained.
That no animal is tied too tight with ropes, straps and chains that cut into their flesh, causing sores and making them bleed.
That no horse, mule, donkey or any beast of burden has a badly fitting bit in its mouth causing much pain, soreness, abscesses and distress.
That all animals are treated with kindness.
That no animal is whipped for financial gain.
That all animals are given protection from the sun, the rain and the cold.
That all animals experience happiness and the right to roam freely and that they see green grass and smell fresh air and that their barns, stalls, coups, kennels, cages and stables are kept clean, before they surrender their lives for us to eat.
That any animal receives veterinary treatment when it is sick.
That animals are given sufficient food, rest and water.
That euthanasia is only used as a last resort, when no hope of cure is possible and when the animal is suffering immensely.  Otherwise, this is murder.
That animals are left to sleep in peace without being provoked.
That every animal is given rest from toil and freedom from harness and restraint.
That no animal is imprisoned for experimentation.
That no animal is used for military experiments.
That no animal’s skin is lacerated in the name of science.
That no animal is hunted for fun.
That no animal is made to run too fast or jump too high for profit.
That when their eyes glaze over in the final surrender, that this is done in peace, calm and tranquility.
That no animal is slaughtered in front of another .  Why make it die two deaths?
That no knife used for slaughter is sharpened in front of the animal (Muslims).  Why make it die two deaths?
That no animals are transported in inhumane overcrowded conditions.
That no live animals are exported.  Animals are not designed for shipping or road transportation.
That no condemned animal is euthanased because it has become brutish due to being tormented.
That no animal is ridden when it is too young and its bones not formed properly.
That no horse, mule, donkey or camel has a badly fitting bit.
That no animal is brutalised or traumatised before or during slaughter and that their suffering is kept to a minimum and is swift.
That no chicken or any animal or bird is carried upside down by its legs.
That when they surrender their lives for us to eat, that this is done in the gentlest and kindest way possible in a quiet environment that causes the least suffering to the animal.
That no animal is kept waiting to be slaughtered.
That no animal is slaughtered whilst tied up or bound.
That no animal is factory farmed and separated from its young.
That no animal is left unfed, un-watered and un-rested because it is waiting for slaughter.
That every animal is freed from having to perform for entertainment.
That those who wear fur for vanity, eventually see sense.
That animals are fed the food they were meant to eat.
That they are kept in the environment that God intended.
That they have a peaceful life and a painless death.
That no animal is force fed so as to fatten it quicker for slaughter.
That no animal is slaughtered whilst pregnant.
To pray that I.H.S.A.N continues long after my death.
I have included a pig in my rainbow which is my promise to all animals, even the pig, because even though the pig is considered to be dirty and haram to eat, we have to remind ourselves that this does not give us the right to be cruel to them, and also the dog. Exclusion of one in favour of the others is also haram.
Possess a Tender Conscience.

Chicken Transportation
When the chickens arrive at the slaughterhouse in their crates, they are either pulled from their crates or dumped by cranes onto conveyer belts. Some chickens fall off the conveyer belts and are usually left to die.
Chickens SlaughteredChickens are hung up live and are not always stunned when they reach the scalding tanks and the throat cutting point. They are named as "redskins" by the slaughterers.
How far does barbarity reach?