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The Islamic Humane Society for Animals
The Islamic Humane Society for Animals
I strictly oppose the needless euthanasia of any creature with a heart fresh with life.
The Prophet (pbuh) said: "Whosoever kills even a sparrow for no reason, it will cry aloud to Ullah on the Day of Resurrection, saying: 'That person killed me for nothing. He killed me for no good reason'!"


I am currently looking for a Fundraising Ambassador. In 2001 The Islamic Humane Society for Animals embarked on a mission to raise funds for Mobile Veterinary Units, Clinics and Sanctuaries of Rest for sick, injured and overworked animals in Islamic countries. It is run as a Project and not a Charity for reasons stated on the website.

The position is open to anyone with sufficient experience of moral fundraising, to plan and deliver a global strategy to maximise income from different sources.

To see the full details please download the PDF here.

Arrogance and anger decrease from your life if you eliminate meat from your diet. Vegetarianism promotes compassion and harmlessness to living creatures. It also promotes purification of the body and refinement of spiritual faculties.